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His 2 Reasons for Wanting Only 2 Doses a Year

INVEGA HAFYERA™ is the first and only treatment for schizophrenia in adults that enables twice-yearly dosing after adequate treatment with either INVEGA SUSTENNA® (paliperidone palmitate) for at least 4 months or INVEGA TRINZA® (paliperidone palmitate) following at least one 3-month injection cycle.

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Explore Your Patients’ Reasons for Wanting Just 2 Doses a Year

For adults currently treated with oral antipsychotics who may:

  • Feel self-stigma from having to take daily medication for schizophrenia
  • Want to feel less defined by their daily schizophrenia medication
  • Struggle to stay on track with treatment goals, daily medication requirements, and other aspects of their treatment plan

For adults currently treated with INVEGA SUSTENNA® or INVEGA TRINZA® who:

  • Like fewer doses a year for a life less defined by their schizophrenia treatment
  • Like to work towards longer-term goals
  • Benefit from more time between doses to focus on other aspects of their treatment

Keep Your Appointments, Deepen Your Conversations

With the twice-yearly dosing of INVEGA HAFYERA™, you can spend less time during monthly appointments discussing medication adherence and more time discussing your patients’ treatment goals, such as:

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Relationships or social interactions

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Activities of daily living

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Diet/healthy choices

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Smoking cessation

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Metabolic/weight monitoring

See What 2 Doses Per Year Could Mean for Adult Patients With Schizophrenia

How Could a Twice-yearly Option Change Your Treatment Conversations?

If you and your adult patient are considering long-acting injectable antipsychotics for the first time, the eventual possibility of twice-yearly dosing may motivate them to transition to INVEGA SUSTENNA® (paliperidone palmitate).*

INVEGA HAFYERA™ is to be used only after adequate treatment has been established with INVEGA SUSTENNA® for at least 4 months (with the last 2 doses being 156 mg or 234 mg), or INVEGA TRINZA® for at least one 3-month injection cycle (at doses of 546 mg or 819 mg).1

Make a Plan for 2 Doses Per Year With INVEGA HAFYERA™

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